He Shou Wu (Foti Root) - Immunity

Fo-ti (Polygonum multiflorum, He shou wu)

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Fo-ti is a plant native to China that is also found in Japan and Taiwan. The medicinal part of the plant is the root. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is often boiled in a liquid made with black beans -- this is known as red fo-ti. White fo-ti is the unprocessed root.

In Chinese medicine, fo-ti is a longevity tonic that is used for greying hair, premature aging, weakness, vaginal discharge, and erectile dysfunction. Red fo-ti is considered a tonic to increase vitality and energy, strengthen the blood, kidneys and liver. White fo-ti is used for constipation.

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Each bottle contain 60 pills
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How do I take it?
The usual dose is 1 capsule, once or twice per day, on an empty stomach.

What does it do?
Fo-Ti supports over all wellbeingand general health. Its been used in china as a Longevity product.

Do I need a prescription?
No. This is a Dietary Supplement, 100% herbal. If you are on any medication or have any serious health concerns you should check with your doctor first.

Are there any known side effects?
Fo-Ti is easily tolerated by the body, however if you experience any of the following nausea, dizziness, or any other side effects you should stop taking immediately and consult your doctor or health care professional. If you are suffering from Diarrhea you should stop taking Fo-Ti until it has ceased.

Can anybody take this product?
This product is not recommended for persons under that age of 18 or pregnant woman. Or if you are on medication, have heart problems, or suffer any serious illness.

What does it contain?
Each capsule contains a 500mg of Foti Root Extract.